Here are some frequently asked questions about our inflatables:

How Long Is A Days Hire?We deliver our bouncy castles between 7am-12 noon and collect again from 6pm onwards.

What Happens If Rain Is Forecast On The Day Of Hire? Where stated the bouncy castles have shower covers. They are also ideal for providing shade on very sunny days during the summer. The bouncy castles should not be used if due to rain they get too wet, as they may become dangerous. If it is likely to be very wet on the day of your booking you can cancel or re-schedule at any-time. We also reserve the right to cancel any booking due to extreme weather conditions that we feel will impede the safe use of the bouncy castle, as this may pose an insurance risk to you and us.

When Can I Hire A Bouncy Castle? Our bouncy castles are available all year round. Unlike other companies we do not charge any extra for bank holiday hire. Bank holidays are charged at our normal weekend hire rate. Obviously the bouncy castle you want may already be booked on the day you require it, so to avoid disappointment please book as early as possible.

How Much Notice Is Needed To Supply An Bouncy Castle? It is best to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment and to ensure you get the bouncy castle you require.

Do I Have To Pay A Booking Fee? A booking fee will be required if your booking total is for more than £60-00, once paid this will be subtracted from your final balance.

What Should I Expect On The Day Of Hire? A member of Arc Bouncy Castles will deliver the bouncy castle at the specified time. We will check the desired location for accessibility and to make sure we can inflate the bouncy castle safely. At least one form of I.D. must be provided. This should show your current address and display a signature (such as a drivers licence).We will also require a hire agreement to be completed and signed by both parties. We will then position and inflate the bouncy castle and explain how to operate it safely. At the end of the day we will collect the bouncy castle at the arranged time.

How Much Room Does The Bouncy Castle Require? Our bouncy castles vary in size. We will require, depending on which bouncy castle you have chosen to hire, an additional 5-6 feet behind the castle to position the blower, around 3 feet access along each side, plus enough space at the front to position safety mats and provide adequate access for the children to enter and exit the bouncy castle safely.

What Preparation Can I Make Before The Bouncy Castle Arrives? Please make sure there is adequate access. Ideally there should be a side or rear entrance. If there isn't, we require at least a 3 feet wide, (or 1 metre), clear hall or passageway to enable us to transport the bouncy castle into position. If we do need to pass through the premises we cannot be held responsible for any possible damage caused. Please make sure that the area the bouncy castle will occupy is clear from sharp objects, for example rocks,debris, any branches sticking out, large stones and animal droppings etc. There should also be access to a suitable power point, within 25m of the bouncy castle. If the location is found unsuitable we reserve the right to cancel the booking and not install the bouncy castle.

Can You Provide A Bouncy Castle Indoors? Yes our bouncy castles can be inflated indoors. However it does depend on the size of the venue and ceiling height.

How Do We Book? You can book on-line or by calling either 0121-244-3298 or 07974-435632.

What Forms Of Payment Are Accepted? You can pay by debit/credit card card prior to your hire date. If you have not paid prior to you hire date our terms are strictly cash only, payable upon delivery.

Do You Have Insurance? We have public liability insurance covering accidents and injuries caused by equipment failing/incorrect or unsafe installation. As the person hiring the equipment, you are responsible for ensuring adult supervision of the bouncy castle at all times. You may want to seek your own insurance to cover yourself.

How Much Does The Unit Cost To Run? An average unit costs between fifty pence and a pound for a days usage.

Are There Any Limits Or Restrictions? Yes. All our bouncy castles have height restrictions, to view these please see the individual inflatable descriptions for these limits. Please do not allow anybody in excess of these limits to use the bouncy castle as this is not only dangerous but can cause damage to the bouncy castle. Any misuse is not insured under our policy. Any damage must be paid for in full by the person named on the signed hire agreement.

Do I Need To Keep The Blower on Continuously? Yes. The blower must be kept on constantly while the bouncy castle is in use. How Long Does It Take To Set Up? An average Bouncy Castle takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes to set up, and about 30 minutes to pack away.

Can I Collect And Set Up The Bouncy Castle To Save Time And/Or Money? Sorry no. For insurance and safety purposes, we must deliver and install all bouncy castles ourselves.

How Safe Are Your Bouncy Castles? All our bouncy castles are subjected by law to an annual safety test. However you, as the hirer, are responsible for ensuring proper adult supervision of the bouncy castle at all times, so as to ensure the safety of all children using the equipment.

Can We Move Or Relocate The Bouncy Castle? No! Once erected the bouncy castle must not be moved for any reason. However if it rains heavily the blower and power may be disconnected, this will deflate the bouncy castle and prevent any electrical problems.

Are You A Member Of Any Recognized Organisations? Yes. We are members of the B.I.H.A. (British Inflatable Hirers Association). B.I.H.A promotes good practice, safety etc. You can look at the B.I.H.A. site for further details. Our membership number is IH1977.